Hi, I am


Student | Full Stack Web Developer
What do I do?

I develop sites for the web!

I have worked on a number of good web projects as a frontend web developer, and also as a full stack web developer. I have very good experience with Node and frameworks such as React, Next, and Express. I give constant updates and maintain my older projects to ensure that they are free from bugs and vulnerabilities.

Consistency is a key!

Code, debug, lint, document

I concentrate on writing clean, scalable and easily manageable well organized code. I follow the best practices and guidelines used in popular open source softwares to ensure the code quality and check out code factor for issues regularly. I'm trying my best to be consistent and working round the clock to keep myself going.

Check my repos

Featured Projects




An open source social deduction game based off of great works such as mafia.

  • Web Development
  • Task System
  • Godot game engine
  • Modern Design
2020GDScript - Link


URL Shortener

A somewhat simple url shortener.

  • Node.js
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Particles.js
2021JS, HTML, CSS - Link


Chat App

A realtime chat app designed for easy communication and talking.

  • Node.js
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Express.js
2021Node.js, Express.js, HTML, CSS - Link

No Name Tech

Ecommerce Site

An ecommerce site designed and built for No Name Tech, a company that makes custom mousepads and controllers.

  • JAMStack
  • React.js
  • CSS
  • Next.js
2021React.js, CSS, Next.js, CSS - Link